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Shopping Carts

We offer a variety of E-commerce options. Listed below are our standard shopping cart packages. If you would like to inquire about a project not covered by one of our E-commerce packages, please call.

Mini Cart: $349.*

If you are selling hard goods, and only have one to a few items, this could be a great way to go, this is inexpensive simple to use and works well. Best suited for flat rate shipping and paypal, hard goods only.

Pricing is based on adding an existing paypal account into the mini cart setup, if we have to set up and configure your paypal account additional charges will be incurred and presented in advance for your approval. 


Full Cart: $2499.*

This is the most flexible way to go if you are selling more than a few items and want to be able to expand your shop. Our full featured cart offerings, do not require a website in addition to the cart, in other words the cart itself can be your website if you choose, but this price includes a 5-page site.  We work with a number of cart softwares and will endeavor to place you with the best possible product, cart features can vary between softwares. Please get in touch to discuss the cart option that will best suit your needs.

Features Overview:

  • Allows customers to shop your store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Real-time credit card processing.
  • Client control panel to manage products, orders, & inventory.
  • Wholesale or retail accounts.
  • Easily add, delete, or modify products.
  • Enabled to sell downloadable files (i.e. MP3, eBooks or Software)
  • Bulk discounts & discount coupons.
  • Calculates Custom Shipping Charges & Sales Tax
  • Online Gift certificates & Email newsletter system
  • Unlimited Product & Category database
  • Secure - no one but your administrative personnel can access your customer/catalog data.
  • Merchandise Pricing options - single and multiple items can be put on sale. Sale options include percentage-off, fixed amount off, new price, etc. Sales can include or exclude product attributes. You can add or exclude a discount from a special. You can put a whole category or the entire store on sale.

Full Feature List

What is included with your cart setup:

  • We install the shopping cart.
  • Create up to a total of 10 categories and/or product subcategories.
  • Set up, up to 10 products in your cart.
  • Set up one e-commerce gateway.
  • Set up one shipping method.
  • Set up single location tax calculations (if required).
  • Set up invintory management (if required).
  • Set up email correspondence generated by the cart system.
  • Set up TOS.
  • Plus much more!


Pay Pal or Google Payment: $199.00*

Our most economical and affordable option, paypal or google checkout. This is a great option if you have just a few products that don't change, or if all you need is the ability to collect online payment for services. (pricing includes up to three scripts)

  • Collect On-line Payments
  • Sell Gift Certificates
  • Sell Products


Downloads & Other Sites:

If you want to sell digital downloads, ebooks, music, do a members website... we can do that too.. pricing for that kind of thing can be surprisingly low or go all the way to "cha-ching... the duck is gettin a new car!".... best handled on the phone once we have more detail.

 We can also create an entire mobile shop, Contact us for details.

 *Starts at: Pricing is based on a standard setup, additional configuration or additional programming may incur additional charges, any additional charges will be presented in advance for your approval.